Self catering holiday letting on the isle of Islay
Self catering holiday letting on the isle of Islay



In line with all accommodation on Islay we have remained closed over the past few months and most of our customers have transferred their bookings until 2021 when the pandemic will hopefully be under control. The Scottish Government have now given the green light for self contained and self catering accommodation to reopen on 3 July 202 with guidance provided on cleaning etc.

We are an island community with only a small hospital which serves the population and the visitors and there are no intensive care beds or an infectious disease facility. Because of this, there is a fear of the virus reaching the island and the community. Many businesses that serve visitors to the island remain closed at the moment, so anyone that venture here may find they are not catered for as usual. With this in mind we have decided not to rush to open and will do so when we feel visitors needs will be catered for and the community is ready to provide the warm welcome Islay is known for. We will take bookings when we feel it is safe for you and once the ferries and planes resume normal services. (Remember you will need to wear face coverings!)

When we do reopen please rest assured we will adhere to all the guidelines to fight the virus. We will ask visitors to adhere to the current Scottish government guidelines and not to travel if they are unwell or are experiencing any signs and symptoms of the virus. If you do arrive with any symptoms we will ask you to return to your home immediately. If you were to develop symptoms during your stay we ask that you inform us immediately and we will seek professional help for you. (Bearing in mind I was a Registered nurse for 30 plus years and I can spot a sick person a mile off)

We will allow a 72 hour gap between visitors as this will help with the cleaning and the virus does not survive longer than this on surfaces. Bed linen and towels will be provided, but if guests wish to bring their own they are at liberty to do so please let us know at the time of booking. Guests are asked to strip the bed and place all used linen in provided bags prior to departure. We will also ask that guests maintain a good level of cleanliness in the Shepherd Hut during their stay and we will provide cleaning products for this purpose. We will also ask you to remove all waste to the refuse area prior to leaving the hut.

If you have any more questions or concerns please email us and we will try and allay your fears and we look forward to welcoming you to our lovely Island and the Shepherd Hut in the very near future.

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